Food! Games! Entertainment & Fireworks!

11667408_1074782482550730_6833601643280065891_nThe Feast of Saint Rocco celebrations in Fort Lee are just around the corner. The festival starts on Thursday, August 5th and runs through Sunday, August 9th at The Saint Rocco Italian American Society on Main Street in Fort Lee.

The feast celebrates St. Rocco. He was born in 1295 at Montpellier in France to a noble family, and on his little body, on the left side of his chest, was a noticeable and vivid red cross. Since he was a child of 10, he was already helping the poor and the sick. At the age of 20 he lost his father and shortly after, his mother. He sold all his property and distributed his wealth to the poor and needy. He survived the “Black Death” and continued his pilgrimage curing others of the plague.

St. Rocco is also the patron saint of dogs!

DJ Express will be providing the entertainment.

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