Pokemon Go takes Hudson by storm

20724415-mmmainvia NJ.com – Wild Pokemon are roaming the streets of Hudson County, and people of all ages are getting out to catch ’em all.

The popular franchise is back with a smartphone-based game that lets players jump into their own virtual world of Pokemon and capture the magical creatures as they hide in local neighborhoods.

The game, Pokemon Go, is taking the nation by storm, and Hudson County is no exception.

John Nieves, 37, of New York, took a break from playing on the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza in Jersey City Monday and said the game is for everyone. Of his 17 immediate family members in his area, 15 of them have already started playing the game since its July 6 release.

The app allows players to search for Pokemon — or pocket monsters — by using their phone’s location services and camera. The app generates Pokemon in a camera function and players are able to virtually throw a capturing tool called a “poke-ball,” to nab the wild creatures.

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