Business News: Doggie Edition


K9 Experts, LLC takes great pleasure in announcing that Hounds on The Hudson is now K9 Experts Day Care.

Same location, different name. Our pooches have boarded twice under the new management and have experienced the same high quality care and attention. The new owner, Jose Menendez, has years of experience in the training and car of dogs.

The re-brand will include:

New Phone Number and System (201-868-4830 still works)
Renovated Suites for your Dog’s stays
Renovated Play Runs
Renovated Back Yard
More Staff for extending hours of Playtime and Private Dogs
Extended Hours on Weekends 8:00am to 6:00pm
A brand new Van for Pet Taxi

Meet Jose:

Jose first noticed his gift for understanding dog behavior at an early age. He was a natural.  While Jose would become proficient working with his own dogs and family pets for friends and family members, he would go on to receive his degree in BA from University in his native country of Peru. However, upon coming to the United States, it became all about dogs. Over the years Jose would hone his skills becoming trained as a professional handler, groomer and manager of a prominent daycare facility. Eventually this would lead to formally learning about behavior, training and nutrition, Jose would return to school to advance his career in dog obedience and training. He has excellent insight and an intuitive nature regarding man’s best friend. It only takes a few minutes of working with Jose to see how dogs immediately respect and communicate with him. Jose’s personality type makes him easy to work with from the human perspective. He puts his clients at ease while teaching them how to earn their dog’s respect.

 Award winning and rated one of the Tri-State Area’s best in pet services, Jose owns and operates K9 Experts, LLC, a highly successful pet services operation that offers walking, training, boarding and a whole host of additional services. He has been praised by clients and shelters for his work with rescues, dogs in need of rehabilitation, basic puppy training, and the common behavioral issues dog owners face on a daily basis.

 Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks And New Dogs Old Tricks


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