Historic Environmental Hike In Fort Lee To Take Place Next Week


The Fort Lee Historic Preservation Commission and the Fort Lee Environmental Committee will sponsor a historic / environmental hike through Fort Lee on Sunday, November 19th at noon at the Fort Lee Historic Park off Hudson Terrace – parking on site. Historic Preservation Commission Chair Tom Meyers and Fort Lee Environmental Committee liaison Councilperson Ila Kasofsky will lead the hike which will start at the Historic Park during Retreat Weekend where visitors will be given a tour of the site as the Brigade of the American Revolution performs a living history program for the 241st anniversary of General Washington’s Retreat to Victory from Fort Lee. The hike will then head south of the bridge atop the Palisades for a discussion of the Palisades Interstate Park and the two ruins of the famous Riviera Nightclub of Fort Lee. Please wear hiking boots or sneakers – this is a moderate hike. Admission free. For further info contact (201) 693-2763.


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