Value Companies Institutes New Measures to Ensure Safety and Provide Relief in Coronavirus Pandemic

140 Mayhill Exterior Wing

CLIFTON, N.J.  —  Value Companies, one of New Jersey’s leading apartment owners and managers, has taken great strides to ensure its leasing programs and rental procedures follow strict safety guidelines and relieve resident stress in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak.

First and foremost, to adhere to state and local regulations and obey social distancing requirements, Value Cos. has transitioned all its leasing efforts to digital platforms, with presentations now featuring virtual tours of model homes, as well as Facetime meetings with rental agents and their prospective tenants.


The Clifton, NJ-based company, which boasts a portfolio of more than 3,000 rental homes, has also  instituted a number of measures designed to provide some level of financial relief and considerable peace of mind for its current residents.  Value Companies, which has garnered a strong reputation for sterling customer service and renter relations, implemented the new initiatives at the beginning of April.  They include:

  • Crediting back increases to residents that renewed leases that have, or will, commence in the months of April, May, June and July;
  • Offering two-year leases to both new applicants and existing residents when they are renewing their lease who would like to lock into new rates for an extended 24 month period;
  • Absorbing all service costs to residents who opt to pay monthly rent or account balances via credit card;
  • Upon Lease Renewal, current residents are being offered a “holdover” period (May to July), where there will be no increase of monthly rent/without holdover fees.  This is particularly useful for residents with future plans on hold;
  • Waived application fee(s) equaling $50.00 per applicant, with a campaign code: FREEAPP;
  • Most importantly, Value Companies is working directly, and personally, with hardship situations to help relieve stress of residents during this unpredictable time.

“These are difficult times and we understand our residents may face challenges and obstacles that are out of their control,” says Jack Linefsky, Vice President of Property Management for Value Companies.  “We quickly drafted and implemented these new policies at the start of the pandemic to assist these residents and help alleviate anxiety as we all navigate through months of uncertainty ahead.  In addition to these procedures, we’re also in constant communication with our resident base to provide any updates or new community regulations.”

Headed by CEO and President Andrew Abramson, Value Companies has an outstanding background in property management and is well established as one of the northeast’s leading real estate developers, owners and managers. Founded in 1952, the firm’s residential properties have been built and managed by a highly-skilled, in-house management team of more than 80 industry professionals which oversee all aspects of Value’s communities, including construction, leasing, maintenance, property management and administration.

Across its development division, Value Companies has embarked in new apartment developments and investments in strategic suburban and urban locations throughout the country. Value’s development success is directly tied to its steadfast commitment and expertise in multifamily housing, and its ability to introduce new housing products that address consumer and community needs.

Value’s third-party management business, Value Asset Management (VAM), provides full-service management capabilities and customized asset solutions to a growing list of third-party real estate investment and property owner clients.

Value Companies has received numerous industry awards for its various properties as well as being a 4-time recipient of the New Jersey Apartment Association Management Company of the Year award.

For more information on Value Companies’, please contact the company headquarters at 973-473-2800 or visit


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