Looking for a local escape this holiday season?

In the age of COVID, everyone is itching to travel for some much needed rest and relaxation. SoJo Spa Club provides the perfect local getaway for Hudson and Bergen County residents.

The multi-level, all-season spa and bath house is open every day of the year in rain, snow or shine. Experience specialty outdoor pools and baths or indulge in our coveted ESPA massage services. Due to state regulations, SoJo saunas and therapy rooms are currently closed. 

SoJo operating hours have been temporarily reduced to 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM daily, and will still be open during during major holidays. Capacity has also been reduced to 25% or less. The new online reservation system for admission will allow regulation on how many guests are entering SoJo Spa Club throughout the day. All open amenities will have clearly stated and enforced capacity and social distancing restrictions.

Above all, SoJo is committed to creating the safest possible environment for visitors. It is worth noting that SoJo already had state of the art sanitizing and hygiene procedures, but those will be further enhanced and thoroughly monitored including:

  • Increasing the cleaning and disinfecting protocols of every commonly used surface, including handrails, sinks, counters, credit card machines, elevator buttons.
  • Updated HVAC System with ion protection, eliminating harmful viruses coming from the Air Vents (applicable to both AC and Heat)
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations on each floor and in common areas.
  • Closing of multi-use cell phone lockers.
  • Locker assignments will be spaced out so that no locker is used more than once per every 24-48 hours and will undergo deep cleaning between uses
  • Reduced tables and chairs in the outside eating area, and we will be thoroughly cleaning each table and chair after each guest use
  • Lounge chairs both indoors and outdoors will be placed at least 6 feet apart and cleaned multiple times during the day
  • Robes and rented towels are laundered at the highest possible setting after each use and are delivered to locker rooms wraps and in covered bins to ensure no cross contamination
  • COVID-19-specific staff training and required PPE for all staff

To book your next local getaway, visit www.sojospaclub.com.

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