Photography Exhibit by Duquann Sweeney Opens at the Hoboken Historical Museum

Live-stream: Wednesday, January 13th | 7:00PM | Opening reception: Sunday, January 17th | 2:00PM-5:00PM | Exhibit: Sunday, January 17th-Sunday, March 7th

“Dignity, Beauty and Everything Between,” a photography exhibit is set to open in the Hoboken Museum’s Upper Gallery on January 17, with an opening reception from 2 – 5 p.m. The exhibition will remain open until March 7 and may be visited in person, as long as visitors wear masks and observe social distance regulations.

Duquann Sweeney, a Jersey City nonprofit leader, seeks the view of individual’s inner beauty. His images reflect the rapport he builds with his subjects, showcasing a sense of love and connection.

“My photographs are the reflections of my community, they are the beautiful people I see when I walk the streets. Also, they are a part of me, like a past memory that brings joy. Whenever I see young boys play, it reminds me of my childhood. The days when my friends and I would ride our bikes, race each other, and play football all day.

“I once was asked, ‘Why are you taking pictures? there’s nothing good here,’ and the question baffled me for a second. My response was, ‘You are good and so many others.’ But the question stuck with me, Why did he feel like there wasn’t anything good here? Has he been hampered by the negative views of the community? I’m not sure but I will make it my mission to show through my photography that people in my community are good, despite the challenging conditions.

“My artwork is all the things that make everyday living beautiful. My photographs are lovers in a park, a woman seated on a corner, girls playing in a fire hydrant to beat the summer heat. The beauty of life.”

See more of his work at

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