#NationalNightOut Surprise

As part of a major National Night Out celebration on Tuesday, Fairview police unveiled  a special vehicle — half police car/half taxi.

The makeover, sponsored by a local cab company and handled by MAACO, aims to spread a simple message: If you drink, choose wisely.

You can take a cab — or, if you get behind the wheel, end up in a police car, Police Chief Martin Kahn explained.

“It’s a reminder to be responsible,” he said.

Sponsored by the Fairview Chamber of Commerce, the National Night Out event at the Babe Ruth Field on Sedore Avenue..

Aiming to promote crime prevention and drug awareness, it features members of the borough police and fire departments, the Emergency Response Unit and the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office.

There will be food, refreshments, entertainment, rides, games — and a four-wheeled reminder.

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