SoJo Spa Club Coming Soon to Edgewater

sojo_03-768x512h/t BoozyBurbs – SoJo Spa Club, an upcoming spa/hotel/resort, is headed for Edgewater early this year. The eight-story space will offer amenities like saunas, spa treatments, infinity pool, and water slide – all of which will be available by the day or via season passes.

Dining options, which come courtesy of Chef Nick Gatti (Alpine Country Club), include a 300-seat open air food court – sandwiches, soups, salads – with centralized ordering, full service restaurant with focus on vegetables, and cafe/lounge areas on each floor for grab and go. The food is being described as “simple but thoughtful”, which includes it’s approach to sourcing and seasonality.

There is no opening date set just yet, however expect SoJo to open sometime next year. And YES, your KIDS are welcome too!

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