Spotlight: Barrymore Film Center

2017-01-06_10-45-16Fort Lee was home to one of the first families of film a century ago, and the Barrymore Film Center will pay homage to those actors and many others who established the industry on the East Coast.

And while the center is still over a year from opening, its creators are already hard at work determining its future.

“You can’t build a facility and then think of programming,” Tom Meyers, executive director of the Fort Lee Film Commission, told Daily Voice.

“It’ll be a place where we’re screening films from emerging filmmakers, our own film festivals and taking ones in from around the world,” he explained.

The film center, which will be located on the corner of Park and Main, will house a 250-seat cinema on the ground floor and a film museum on the second floor. The borough will own the center and its land, and the Film Commission — one of its departments — will operate it.

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